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The Mouldlife FX Nuggets are pre-mixed meltable Gelatine Blocks that are gently liquified in the microwave or with heat. For the experimenting make-up artist, gelatine is an ideal medium for gaining invaluable understanding and technical skills for working with three-dimensional prosthetic media.

By its very nature, however, gelatine has certain inherent advantages not found in Platsil Gel 10 or Foam Latex


  • Economical - gelatine is inexpensive, making it ideal for experimentation. It can be reused if you have a poor quality piece.
  • Reusable - this is probably the easiest and most inexpensive way to produce prosthetics as FX Nuggets are re-meltable.
  • Time - gelatine setting time can be shortened by placing the mould(s) in a freezer.
  • Blending - making the prosthetic appear as natural as possible, with gelatine, the edges can be blended away with Witch Hazel.
  • Translucency - gelatine is not opaque and transmits light.
  • Flexibility - flexibility of gelatine enables it to move well on the actor or actress.
  • Safety - all ingredients used in gelatine formulas are either food or medical grade.

Price: £18.00