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Ready Made Injuries:


Small Incision Price: £36.00
Small Lacerations Price: £30.00
Meduim Lacerations Price: £36.00
Laceration Selection Price: £48.00
Bullet Wounds
Shotgun Injury (Pellets) Price: £36.00

Large Open Bullet Wound Price: £36.00
Bullet Wound Set Price: £54.00
Fragmentation Wounds
Fragmentation Set Price: £36.00
Internal Injuries
Abdominal Wound (Multi-use) Price: £66.00
Bone Fractures
Small Open Fracture Price: £54.00
Large Open Fracture Price: £66.00
Simulation Kits
First Aid Simulation Kit Price: £120.00
Tactical Simulation Kit Price: £333.00