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Welcome to our site.

We specialize in the sale and use of synthetic casualty training aids for use in the general public and a variety of sectors where their application is needed to demonstrate a real life scenario in a controlled safe environment.

Working with Mould life we are able to have access to one of the most advanced professional facilities in the country that are able to produce extremely realistic injuries, from burns to massive lacerations accurately displayed in stunning high detail that makes the situation's they are used in feel very real.

To find out more about us and Mould Life, please use the links under the "About Us" section.

Please also try the "Quick Links" section to see our whole range of products by category to buy, including a link for "Corporate First Aid Training" that is provided by our professional in house qualified team which can train you and your members of staff how to deal with accidents that might happen in the workplace.

If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase then please contact our sales team today, via the details below or by using the link on the left.


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Above is a classic example of the durability and realism of Sculpt Gel combined with Kensington Blood. If you would like to see more videos that are not featured on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us today and our sales team will e-mail you more footage and media of our products in action.

This video is from and made by the very talented "Stuart Bray" who runs tuition courses in London in the art of "Sculpt Gel" for professional makeup artists. Please take a look at his site bellow:

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