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Theatrical Blood:

Written by Mouldlife.

When we first decided to make Kensington Gore Blood at Mouldlife our intentions were very clear, we wanted to develop a product with very little or no staining on both skin and costume, we wanted a product that had little beading effect on silicones and the texture wanted to be produced with a high gloss appearance.

After nearly 2 years developing our range of Kensington Gore using only food based ingredients we are now delighted to be supplying it to TV/Film on both side of the Atlantic.

With our knowledge of the special effects market, Mouldlife have developed a range of theatrical bloods for the special effects artist. Our new blood range meets the raised standards of high definition studio and stage lighting with five silky smooth, translucent gloss colours.

  • Arterial
  • Venial
  • Aged
  • Clotted
  • Non-beading for silicone

The key features of Mouldlife's blood range are:

  • Super smooth glossy texture and finish
  • Edible, with a peppermint taste
  • Non staining, simply washes off with soap
  • and water
  • Washes out of fabrics easily
  • Smears well on the skin
  • Intense translucent colours that maintain a visceral quality
  • Non-beading for silicone props (non edible version)