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Visual Effects:

Visual Effects
Written by Mouldlife.

Skin Illustrator the best in Temporary Tattoo colors on the market today.

Created by professionals in the film and television industry, Skin Illustrator began with a system of fleshtone colors and has since added effects and fantasy colors that run the gamut of need within a wide range of makeup fields and situations -- i.e. Film, Television, Theatre, and Runway.

At O.C.S our current stock includes "Sculpting Gel" and "Mouldlife FX Nuggets" and a large range of "FX Pallets", which can be located under the "Wounds and Cuts" section via "Quicklinks.

More specialist makeup professional products like " Gemini Chrome System " and "Grand Imperial Paint " can be found on MouldLife's website by clicking the logo on the top left of this page

The team at MouldLife have a vast array of experience and knowledge in this sector and will be happy to assist you on all aspects, we recommend that should you not be able to find what you are looking for here that you contact them directly via the details bellow:




Miro House
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Bury St Edmunds
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T. +44(0)1638 750679

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