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Silicone Systems:

Silicone Systems
Written by Mouldlife.

Mouldlife are recognised for there range of silicones for most mould making/casting applications, we cater for all general purpose mould making silicones and we can supply a full range of hardness's from soft 10 Shore A up to 50 shore a.

We also Have a unique range of addition cure silicones that are used where a more accurate mould is required, We have range of translucent silicones that are used for rapid prototyping.

There are several products used for the production of theatrical props such as bodies or parts of bodies these can be purchased in soft 10 shore A hardness's or made even softer with specialist softeners, We also have systems that are known throughout the world for the creation of prosthetic effects predominately for the film industry but also for external prosthetics. Again combining some specialist gelling agents can resemble skin tissue unlike anything on the market. We also supply the additive like thixotropic agents for thickening silicone to paste's and fast catalysts and retarders.

We also take great pride in some of the specialised grades for life casting with virtually no grab to the hairs on the body. and some production grade RTV's that give a cure within 10 minutes. If you are in need of any technical advice please feel free to call the sales office where the staff all have a high level of knowledge.

This is a specialist product for the professional makeup market, and is not currently available to buy through O.C.S.

The team at MouldLife have a vast array of experience and knowledge in this sector and will be happy to assist you on all aspects, we recommend that should you be interested in Silicone Systems that you contact them directly via the details bellow:




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