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Prosthetic Systems:

Prosthetic Systems
Written by Mouldlife.

Prosthetics have been a significant area of supply for Mouldlife.

Easy to apply, screen standard prosthetics for make-up FX, character work and highly realistic casualty simulation – ideal for screen and theatrical use and in injury training situations. Made in durable silicones, each prosthetic comes in a choice of four colours and many can be supplied as single-use or re-usable pieces.

Single use prosthetics are cast in a super soft platinum silicone gel with a polyurethane cap plastic skin, which allows the edges to be blended into the skin with alcohol.

Re-usable prosthetics are cast in a tougher, ‘10 shore A’ platinum silicone rubber and are not designed to be blended into the skin. Instead these tougher rubber appliances can be cleaned and re-used multiple times and are perfect for on-screen battle simulation or for simulating injuries and trauma for training purposes.

At O.C.S our current stock includes "Sculpting Gel" and "Mouldlife FX Nuggets" and a large range of "FX Pallets", which can be located under the "Wounds and Cuts" section via "Quicklinks.

More specialist makeup professional products like "Foam Latex" and "Platsil Gel" can be found on MouldLife's website by clicking the logo on the top left of this page

The team at MouldLife have a vast array of experience and knowledge in this sector and will be happy to assist you on all aspects, we recommend that should you not be able to find what you are looking for here that you contact them directly via the details bellow:




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