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Laminating Systems:

Laminating Systems
Written by Mouldlife.

Mouldlife has built its name on bold exciting new products that have inspired new methods of processing materials. However, we cannot ignore the fact that some applications require nothing more than a good classic polyester resin. But to stick with Just polyester resin wouldnt be mouldlife, therefore we have introduced the lightweight F1 carbon Kevlar paste that can be applied by hand, or the newest Laminating product our green water based eco lam this high accuracy high strength system.

The laminating systems that are described in the FX are what we feel will be of interest but if something that requires special physical properties such as high temperature or extra thin for infusion you should consult our composites and tooling section.

This is a specialist product for the professional makeup market, and is not currently available to buy through O.C.S.

The team at MouldLife have a vast array of experience and knowledge in this sector and will be happy to assist you on all aspects, we recommend that should you be interested in Laminating Systems that you contact them directly via the details bellow:




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