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Casting Systems:

Casting Systems
Written by Mouldlife.

Mouldlife have become extremely well known over the years for its excellent alginates for use in the life casting industry, Our customers consist of artists creating full bodies to the childrens hand and feet castings to the life casting of actors for film and television.

We can offer the Mouldlife Impression range Our alginates are available in Regular or slow speeds and have a wonderfully creamy consistancy when being applied combined with good strength make these clear favorite's with the life casting industry.

New too the IMPRESSIONS range is the LIFE FORM body casting silicone, this is one of our newest impression materials. If you have tried silicones for lifecasting before believe us this product does not grab like the others that are offered as life casting products. It will release from hair and we have found it can release from highly matted situations with EASE !!!!! and wont even pull hairs out.

To accompany the silicone life casting materials we have plaster bandages.... If you havn't tried life casting you should its great fun.

This is a specialist product for the professional makeup market, and is not currently available to buy through O.C.S.

The team at MouldLife have a vast array of experience and knowledge in this sector and will be happy to assist you on all aspects, we recommend that should you be interested in Casting Systems that you contact them directly via the details bellow:




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